Cape Town Blitz


2018 & 2019

Moonsport was challenged with creating, developing and defining the identity of a brand new cricket team, in a brand new league. The aim was to introduce the team in the first year of the Mzansi Super League, create a highly-engaged fan base from scratch and increase stadium attendance numbers as quickly as possible.

The Cape Town Blitz became the most talked-about team in the digital space, with the highest PR value, according to a Nielsen report. We recorded high levels of engagement, especially on our organic content for fans and players. The Blitz also enjoyed the highest stadium attendance numbers in the league, building the #BlitzBrigade fanbase from zero to thousands in a single two-month season.


We started by defining our tribe, the #BlitsBrigade, involving them in the conversation around the competition and ultimately cementing the brand values and mission of Cape Town Blitz. To create hype and engagement around the live player draft we created customized graphics heroing each player, posting them as the announcements that unfolded throughout the live stream. As soon as we had access to players we created direct player-to-fan communication channels through the use of live Instagram takeovers, quote pieces, did-you-know info bytes, team facts and player profiles. These content pillars got the fans closer to the players, maintaining high fan engagement throughout the tournament. On match days we turned the social media channels into a one-stop CT_Blitz shop, giving fans insight into squad announcements, behind-the-scenes videos, live match updates and benchmark moments.