Mark Beaumont

Content & Entertainment


At the beginning of 2017, Moonsport entered new terrain, covering a circumnavigation expedition called Around Britain. This 20-day event saw broadcaster, explorer, and author Mark Beaumont cycled around Britain in less than 15 days. That project was just preparation for his bigger goal of beating the Guinness World Record by cycling around the world in 80 Days. For that, we gathered a mobile team that travelled with him around the world…in 80 days.

Besides providing production services for the entire journey, we handled the concept and scripting of the documentary outline as well as a social media strategy outline. We produced daily and weekly content and edited a 60-minute documentary. So far the campaign has garnered an impressive 5 million views.


Moonsport provided a 2-man power team, Helmut Scherz and Johnny Swanepoel, whose combined skills of cinematography, editing and stills photography allowed us the opportunity to provide content for traditional and social media use. Moonsport provided daily and weekly content by way of stats updates, stills, and incident videos throughout the expedition. We focused on managing various social media challenges, as well as creating and editing a 60-minute documentary feature, focusing on the planning and execution of this incredible journey.